Who Are the People of New York?

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New York City is one of the most diverse cities in the world, with a population that is incredibly diverse in terms of ethnicity, nationality, religion, and culture. Here are some of the main groups of people who call New York City home:

  1. Native New Yorkers: These are people who were born and raised in New York City, and who often have deep roots in the city’s various neighborhoods and communities.
  2. Immigrants: New York City has been a melting pot for immigrants for centuries, and today it is estimated that over one-third of the city’s population is foreign-born. The largest groups of immigrants come from Latin America, Asia, and the Caribbean, with many others coming from Europe, Africa, and the Middle East.
  3. African Americans: African Americans have been an important part of New York City’s population since its earliest days. Today, they make up approximately 25% of the city’s population, and are an important cultural and political force in the city.
  4. Latinos: Latinos make up the largest minority group in New York City, accounting for approximately 29% of the population. They come from a variety of different countries and cultures, with many hailing from Puerto Rico, Mexico, the Dominican Republic, and Central and South America.
  5. Asians: The Asian population of New York City is one of the fastest-growing, and today they make up approximately 13% of the city’s population. The largest groups of Asians in the city are Chinese, Indian, and Filipino, but there are also significant populations of Koreans, Vietnamese, and other groups.
  6. LGBTQ+ Community: New York City is known for its vibrant LGBTQ+ community, which has played a major role in shaping the city’s cultural and political landscape. The city is home to one of the largest Pride parades in the world, as well as a variety of LGBTQ+ cultural events and organizations.

These are just some of the many groups of people who make up the rich tapestry of New York City’s population.


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