The best free logo maker in 2024

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The best free logo maker in 2024

Create amazing branding with the greatest free logo maker.

Creating a logo doesn’t have to be a difficult task with the help of the finest free logo builder. It’s a great way to get things done quickly and easily (although don’t use one for a paying client). Perhaps you’re giving a presentation or working on a personal project like an invitation, in which case these free logo makers can come in handy.
We’ve compiled a list of the top free logo creators available. These will assist you in creating a simple design, and many of them have tutorials to guide you through the creative process, so you may use them even if you have no prior experience with logo creation.

All the logo makers we’ve included will allow you to create a usable logo for free. One thing to bear in mind is that most of these tools also have paid tiers, and keep certain features reserved for users who are prepared to shell out a little cash. This most commonly means restrictions in the file format and size you can download your logo in.

These free services tend to be online and in-browser; we also have the best free logo designer software post that includes downloadable programs, as does our guide to the best free graphic design software.

While the focus of this guide is on the finest free logo makers, it is worthwhile to consider devoting some funds to a logo design. Having even a tiny budget to spend on a logo expands your options and allows you to use some of the more advanced tools available. You’re not going to produce one of the greatest logos ever with a free logo builder, but they do have their purpose. Before we get to the main list, let’s have a look at our top three logo designers.

best free logo maker

 Canva Logo Maker

Canva’s logo maker is no exception to its popularity as a free design resource for beginners. There are paid plans with more features and possibilities, but the free tier is very functional and allows you to download high-resolution logos without any problems.

 Wix Logo Maker

You don’t even have to come up with your own brand with Wix’s logo maker; if you like, you can use Wix’s online business name generator. It will generate a logo for you that you can alter and download after it has gathered information about your business and visual preferences.

Tailor Brands

With Wix’s logo maker, you don’t even have to come up with your own brand; if you want, you can utilize Wix’s online business name generator. 

After it has gathered information, it will create a logo for you that you can edit and download.

The best free logo makers

Canva Logo Maker

(The best free logo maker is Canva)

Canva’s online design tools cover a lot more than logos, but if that’s all you need, its Logo Maker, which we call one of the finest free logo maker tools out there, is ready to help. It’ll question you about your business and offer you to choose from a few different templates before coming up with a design that you may tweak with its simple tools.

There are a lot of free elements to play with, but if you want more options, you may pay to use a premium element library. You’ll probably find more than enough in the free tier to get started; the only thing you’ll probably miss is the fact that you can’t build a logo with a translucent background. That’s one you’ll have to pay for. Regardless, you can get your finished logo for free as a 500px PNG, JPEG, or a print-ready PDF, once you’ve finished. For additional details, see our Canva review.

Tailor Brands Logo Maker

(The best free logo maker, Tailor Brands Logo)

Tailor Brands’ Logo Maker is a terrific tool for anyone who can’t stand scrolling through hundreds of templates to get the right logo design. It uses an AI-powered algorithm to build an appropriate logo for your brand. Instead, it asks for your company’s name and a description of what it does, as well as whether you want an icon, text, or initial-based logo, and then utilizes a ‘This or That’ tool to figure out what design style you want.

With all of that data, it gets to work on designing a logo that you can customize if you like; after you’re satisfied, you can download a low-resolution version for free or pay for high-resolution files. Keep in mind that the free file you receive is quite small: its longest edge is 192 pixels. It’ll suffice for an app store or a modest website badge, but anything greater will require you to reach for your wallet.

If you upgrade, Tailor Brands can become a one-stop shop for starting and running your business, with a platform that can also design apparel, business cards, and social network templates. It can also assist you in creating your own online store or website, as well as web hosting, a business mailbox, and other services. The customization choices are limited, and the designs aren’t really impressive, but it gets the job done swiftly and efficiently. For additional information, see our Tailor Brands review.

Wix Logo Maker

(The best free logo maker is Wix Logo Maker.)

Wix provides two options for making your own online logo. Its first alternative is to employ a designer; it will connect you with a professional who will complete the task for you, which is the path you should take if you require a decent logo for your company. If you’re on a budget, Wix’s free online logo generator is a good alternative.

It’ll ask you for your brand’s name (and if you don’t have one yet, Wix provides an online company name generator), as well as what you do, and then it’ll quiz you on your personal style so that it may recommend colors, fonts, and icons that are appropriate for you. After that, you’ll be given your own personalized message.

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