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Most people online today have seen these ready-made logo sites. If you search Google looking for logos, you’re sure to find them. In fact, they’ll probably take up most of the first page of results most of the time. You may have even thought about buying a ready-made logo, or have already bought one – or just grabbed one of the ‘free ready-made logos’ that are all over the place. But is a ready-made logo really a good bargain for your business?

What is a Logo, Really?

A logo is a small simple graphical recognition mark that sets your company apart and makes you instantly identifiable to your customers. It is one of the most important graphic designs you will ever use in your business and it is one of the most difficult graphic disciplines to master and perfect.

Think of Nike’s swoosh, Chevrolet’s bow tie, and the girl with the umbrella on a Morton’s Salt container. These logos represent the companies. They are distinctive and beyond just identifying these companies, they tell you a little about the company.

So Can a Ready-made Logo Really Work?

In short, no it can only hurt your business in the long term. A ready-made logo, especially a free one, will be in use by many other people looking to get a bargain. Once people realize that you have the same logo they’ve seen on other businesses’ websites, your logo will only serve to confuse them. Are you connected to or even owned by that other business? Did one of you steal the other’s logo?

Some people may realize that you actually just used a ready-made logo, but this will only serve to signal to them that you are a bargain hunter, and they may question the quality of your product as well.

A Trade Mark Must Be Unique

If you succeed in your business, people will try to copy your logo. Unless you have a uniquely created logo you cannot protect yourself from these people. A ready-made logo cannot be trademarked. Your competitors and the knockoff artists will be able to use your logo, or very close versions of it to market their own products. Not only can this cost you sales and business, but also it weakens your business identity, as people are not sure what product is yours and what belongs to a competitor. You are no longer recognizable and distinct. Some may even assume that you are trying to knock off one of the people knocking off your product.

Working With a Logo Designer

Working with a professional, qualified logo designer will solve all of these problems for you. These professional graphic artists have taken the time to understand how logo design works. They know how to capture a distinctive look and feel that works for your business. One that is instantly recognizable by your customers and that has the necessary design elements to generate positive feelings toward your business in the minds of those customers.

The benefits of a unique, well-planned, and professionally designed logo will pay you back many times over in the years to come. Consider speaking with a logo design professional today to get started on the right path with your logo.

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