How to Hire Employees: The Must-Have Resource List for Agency Owners

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How to Hire Employees

The decision to hire new employees is simple in theory, but the actual hiring process necessitates diligence, focus, and patience above all else. Since the individual you recruit will have a significant impact on the work you do and a stake in the success and growth of your firm, you will have to make difficult decisions during the hiring process while establishing a business.

We’ve assembled a thorough collection of our most well-read articles and how-to instructions on how to hire staff to assist you in getting started. These articles address every phase of the hiring process, from developing a leader’s attitude to prepare you to lead a team to determining if you require a temporary or full-time employee. Your hiring abilities will advance thanks to this collection of resources.

How to start your hiring journey

You must educate yourself on how hiring is done and what it takes to lead a team before you find yourself in charge of one within your firm. It can be challenging if you’ve never recruited anybody or led a team before. It’s stressful since you’re suddenly the boss and accountable for everyone’s success.

In this area, we’ll offer suggestions on where to look for potential employees and how to develop your leadership abilities. Learn all you need to know before beginning the hiring process from some of our top Shopify Partners in the video below, along with some pointers for carrying on with the hiring process.

How to find employees to hire

Hiring managers always struggle to find excellent applicants. According to studies, about 75% of firms struggle to locate employees with the necessary abilities. Additionally, it takes a lot of time to hire someone; it typically takes 42 days to fill a vacancy. Most businesses must hire more quickly since they can’t afford to waste that time.

We’ve gathered some helpful resources to assist you find applicants, draft interview questions, and fill open positions in your agency in an effort to lessen the difficulty of the hiring process for you.

  • Finding Technical Talent: How to Start the Hiring Process
  • Finding Technical Talent: Candidate Experience and Interviews
  • How to Interview Candidates and Get Real Results
  • 11 Design Interview Questions and How to Master Them

Developing team management and leadership skills

Perhaps you chose your current position so that you could concentrate more on the creative, strategic, or technical facets of a field you adore. But you’ll also need to develop into a fantastic leader once you start hiring. Developing your leadership abilities is the only way to advance your agency.

You can develop your leadership abilities in a variety of methods, from relying on peer groups to developing your project management and communication skills. Make use of these tools to improve your capacity for team leadership.

  • Team Management Skills 101: Level-Up as an Agency Leader
  • The Power of Community: How Business Networking Can Nurture Your Growth
  • Tips and Tricks for Managing Remote Employees
  • How to Work Remotely: 4 Ways to Improve Collaboration
  • A Step-by-Step Guide on Building Processes to Scale your Development Agency

How to hire employees for a small business

Your hiring strategy should be in line with your company’s expansion objectives when you’re hiring for a small firm. That could entail looking for a junior candidate rather than hiring for a senior post or seeking for a generalist who can play several roles rather than a specialist who excels at just one.

To help you identify your growth goals and the kind of hire your small business can make, check out these articles.

  • Follow This 3-Step Process to Hire the Web Developer of Your Dreams
  • How to Find the Best Technical Talent for Your Agency
  • How We’re Scaling From 10 to 25 Employees in 7 Months
  • 8 Actionable Tips for Running an Agency and Getting More Business

How to hire employees on a tight budget

It costs money to hire someone for your agency. Companies spend close to $4,000 each hire, according to research from Bersin by Deloitte, to make sure they hire the best candidates. Make hiring a goal of your company and produce money to pay for future hiring if that is not a cost you are currently willing to bear. But if you’re keen on employing right away, there are two ways to do so cheaply.

If your company is struggling with cash flow, consider hiring an intern from a nearby college or university. Even if hiring interns might be a cost-effective solution for assistance, it’s crucial to make an investment in their education and professional development.

Partnering with another organization is a further low-cost option. By partnering, you may manage costs within your company while tackling larger, more lucrative projects. The articles listed below will assist you in deciding if a junior hiring or a partnership is best for you.

  • Major Gains and Growing Pains — How Bold Scaled Their Team Sustainably
  • From Freelance to Agency: Advice for Growing Your Team
  • How an India-Based Web Developer Quit His Day Job and Built an Agency
  • Building Partnerships: Shopify Partners Share How They’re Creating Long-term Value

How to hire part-time or temporary employees

When it comes to employment, many people believe that everyone wants a full-time job, but that isn’t always the case. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, more than 55 million Americans, or more than 35% of the workforce, are “gig workers,” and by 2020, that percentage is expected to climb to 43%. With this information in mind, hiring a copywriter, designer, or developer to fill a single temporary position for a client project is entirely fair. And if you enjoy working with them, you can always hire them on a part-time basis for a number of recurring projects.

Below, find resources to help you subcontract work, create contracts, and track subcontractors’ work.

  • 9 Tips for Hiring a Web Design Subcontractor
  • 6 of the Best Time Tracking Apps for Designers, Developers, and Agencies
  • How to Write a Freelance Contract 101
  • A Freelancer’s Guide to Taking a Vacation
  • 8 Quick Tips for a Bulletproof Freelance Contract

Adding staff to your business is a major undertaking

This resource roundup is a wonderful place to start if you want to learn how to hire staff, look for applicants, or use subcontracting to lighten your workload. We hope it will assist you in choosing the best candidate to move your company forward.

How to Hire Employees

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