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Stack – Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme with Variant Page Builder & Visual Composer



Stack is a robust, responsive multi-purpose WordPress theme. Take your Startup business website to the next level, show off your one-page portfolio with smooth parallax, boost your blog and amp up your multi-page corporate or mobile app website. Sell more with a responsive real estate or restaurant landing page. Stack puts your content first, blending contemporary styling with beautiful flourish on every page in the pack. Variant takes the pain out of building a website. Use our exclusive page builder to save time. Stack forms the ideal starting point to static or CMS website projects of any kind.

Stack is perfect for your Startup, Landing Pages, Corporate Sites, Agency Sites, Portfolio and so much more. Choose from Visual Composer or Variant Page Builder to craft your website with, both are included with Stack.


WordPress, meet Variant Page Builder

Themeforest’s most popular HTML page building tool finally comes to WordPress, exclusive to Stack. Over 20,000 customers love the ease and flexibility that comes with building pages in real-time.

Offering intuitive controls, instant visual feedback and near-unlimited layout potential, Variant delivers highly performant pages, free of unnecessary bloat-code that is typical of other WordPress page builders.


Premium Plugins & Features Included

We want to make your life as easy as possible with Stack, so we’re including a bunch of premium features & plugins for FREE with each purchase. Use them or not, they’re available if you want them & their use is totally optional if you’re trying to keep your site slim & fast.


Quality and quantity in equal measure.

Stack ships with over 150 content layouts, including 30+ tailored niche homepages (from startup landing page to restaurant, portfolio and more) showcasing just a glimpse of what is possible with the detailed block and element library — from working social media feeds, contact forms and subscription blocks to fullscreen lightbox galleries and filterable portfolios — Stack is infinitely reusable, the ideal go-to WordPress theme for your client projects.


Fast Workflow. Faster Pages.

Thanks to Variant’s lean, bloat-free approach, pages built with Variant WordPress are on average 500kb less than pages built with Visual Composer. This shaves crucial time off all-important page load speeds and minimises unnecessary data requests from your sever; meaning happier visitors and lower costs.


The Best of Both Worlds — Included FREE

Customers seeking a new and exciting way to improve their workflow in WordPress will love the intuitive experience offered by Variant — finally a WordPress page builder that empowers you to create and experiment in real-time without constant loading and finicky controls. Beginners, or those who want to whip pages together in seconds will love Variant.

For those customers who prefer total fine-grain control over all aspects of their layout, WordPress’s most popular page building tool; Visual Composer, is included. Complete with advanced editing capabilities, plugin extensibility and custom shortcodes just for Stack.


True page building flexibility

Every element you see in our demos can be used on any other page, reused, removed or moved as you need to create your perfect project. Our demos show our configurations of the blocks provided, you have total freedom to use as much, or as little of the content blocks as you need.


Localization & Multi-Language Ready

Stack is RTL ready, localize to your own language using the included .pot file, and we’re also WPML ready (sold separately) if you want to run your site as a multi-language setup.

Massive Plugin Compatibility

We’re built stack to be as compatible as possible so that you can use it for any of your needs, Events, E-commerce, ticketing etc. If you would like us to test a plugin for you and add to this list, just let us know!

  • WooCommerce – Turn your Stack installation into a fully fledged e-commerce store!
  • Easy Digital Downloads – Turn your Stack based site into a digital downloads store showcasing music, video, photos, you name it!
  • The Events Calendar – Showcase your upcoming events and gatherings with Stack.
  • Slider Revolution – Create amazing slideshows for your page headers, integrates perfectly with Stack.
  • Master Slider – Another amazing slider plugin, has a wealth of crazy features, works perfectly with Stack.
  • Layer Slider – Yet another unbelievable slider plugin, boat loads of features, all playing correctly with Stack.
  • Tickera – Use Stack to sell tickets to your events using the amazing functionality provided by the Tickera plugin!

Online Documentation available here

Stack – Main Features

  • Latest WordPress version alwayssupported, currently 5.4+
  • Infinite page layout possibilities
  • Simple, fast, lightweight page building with Variant Page Builder (Included FREE), or
  • Precise, granular controlled page building with Visual Composer (Included FREE)
  • Hundreds of custom elements, blog feeds, portfolio feeds etc.
  • Simple, 1-click color options
  • Beautifully organised, powerful theme options panel
  • WordPress Live Customizer based theme options
  • Option highlight tabs, click a tab in the page and get taken straight to its option
  • Hundreds of theme options available
  • Developer friendly code
  • SEO optimised design
  • Fully responsive, beautiful design with an emphasis on readability
  • Masonry layouts
  • Carousel elements
  • Multiple header options
  • Multiple footer options
  • Change header and footer on a per page basis
  • Boxed site layout
  • Change boxed site on a page per page basis
  • Single page, one page site capabilities
  • Google fonts compatibility
  • WooCommerce Compatible
  • Works with Contact Form 7
  • Sharp and professional retina image integrations
  • Adaptive images
  • Responsive, powerful grid system
  • Social Icon Ready areas
  • Custom Instagram widget included
  • Custom Twitter widget included
  • Modular, Extensive headers
  • Social Sharing ready
  • Handpicked, beautiful vector icons
  • Pixel perfect design
  • Nearly 2 hours of custom video documentation
  • Online written documentation, ready to get you started right away

Simple & Speedy Admin

  • Latest WordPress Version always supported, currently 5.6+
  • All appropriate functions and post types from our Ebor Framework plugin
  • No nasty admin changes
  • Quick and simple page building with Variant Page Builder
  • Speedy and intuitive mega menu building
  • Adaptive images
  • Pre-built pages and simple import page templates
  • 1 Click demo data import
  • Automated plugin install for simple startup
  • WPML ready and certified
  • Native WordPress features used for all functionality
  • No surprises! Everything feels just like a regular WordPress theme

Note: While most images in Stack are supplied in the download package – some images cannot be supplied due to licensing reasons and have been blurred heavily.


Latest Theme Updates

See a guide to all the new features in our updates here.

July 14th 2021 - v10.6.3

* FIXED: Breaking javascript issue in Contact Form 7

April 6th 2021 - v10.6.2

* FIXED: Breaking javascript issue causing problems with tabs etc.

February 3rd 2021 - v10.6.1

* FIXED: YT player breaking javascript

December 16th 2020 - v10.6.0

* ADDED: Follow scroll to header sidebar header layouts
* ADDED: Filters to Stack icon functions so that additional icons can be added (Developer)
* UPDATED: Merlin theme setup wizard
* UPDATED: Material Icons available in Variant
* VARIANT: Added bg-primary-1 selector to section background colours
* VARIANT: Added large button selector (right click) on button items
* FIXED: Header logo position on scroll with centered header layouts
* FIXED: Variant WP 5.6 issues
* FIXED: Theme supports WP 5.6
* ADDED: wp_body_open action

May 22nd 2020 - v10.5.21

* ADDED: Search icon to main header
* ADDED: Shopping cart to main header
* ADDED: Theme option to turn on/off Search icon in main header
* ADDED: Theme option to turn on/off Shopping cart in main header
* FIXED: In page navigator can now work with special characters such as é

May 6th 2020 - v10.5.20

* FIXED: Search bar showing in WooCommerce categories
* FIXED: Table styling fix
* UPDATED: Socicon -- added new social icon options
* UPDATED: Mobile sticky header comes in a bit softer
* UPDATED: .POT translation file

January 6th 2020 - v10.5.19

* FIXED: Accordion arrow colour on BG Primary 1 backgrounds
* FIXED: Very specific smooth scrolling issue
* FIXED: Variant tabs and accordions correctly respond to "no active" theme option
* FIXED: Active accordions now show all content as display block, instead of inline-block

November 26th 2019 - v10.5.18

* UPDATED: - Youtube Inline Embed load size reduced
* UPDATED: Video gallery WPBakery block load sizes reduced
* FIXED - Issue with mobile menu dropdowns not opening on Tablets when skip responsive menu option is turned on.
* FIXED - Merlin setup wizard redirect issue
* FIXED - Video backgrounds now compatible with EDGE
* FIXED - Blank product page if no shop products found
* UPDATED - .POT translation file
* UPDATED - Blog carousel now shows arrows on mobile
* ADDED - Show featured image in Simple List layout? theme option
* ADDED - Show featured image over video embeds? theme option

November 26th 2019 - v10.5.18

* UPDATED: - Youtube Inline Embed load size reduced
* UPDATED: Video gallery WPBakery block load sizes reduced
* FIXED - Issue with mobile menu dropdowns not opening on Tablets when skip responsive menu option is turned on.
* FIXED - Merlin setup wizard redirect issue
* FIXED - Video backgrounds now compatible with EDGE
* FIXED - Blank product page if no shop products found
* UPDATED - .POT translation file
* UPDATED - Blog carousel now shows arrows on mobile
* ADDED - Show featured image in Simple List layout? theme option
* ADDED - Show featured image over video embeds? theme option

August 22nd 2019 - v10.5.17

* FIXED - Auto generated child theme now references parent

July 22nd 2019 - v10.5.16

* FIXED - Footer logo spacing on mobile
* ADDED - Shop header override now also controls shop categories
* ADDED - Timing option added to Content Carousel block (WPBakery)
* FIXED - Shop cart counter will not display unless a product is in the basket

June 3rd 2019 - v10.5.15

* FIXED: WooCommerce Bookings extension calendar not displaying
* FIXED: Masonry hover animation not working within Tabbed sections
* FIXED: Masonry items disappearing on mobile within Tabbed sections
* ADDED: Simple Gallery (no Lightbox) added to Variant
* ADDED: Variant accordions can now be set to "closed" by default
* UPDATED: Coding tweaked to meet WP requirements
* ADDED: Vertical menu style can now be used as mobile menu
* ADDED: Shop Columns + Sidebar Block added to Variant
* FIXED: Shop Sidebar will now display in Variant pages
* FIXED: Pagination now working correctly in custom shop pages

March 12th 2019 - v10.5.14

* FIXED: Vertical Nav showing scrollbar within Firefox only
* FIXED: Full width mega menu dropdown position on desktop
* FIXED: Video play buttons running away when WP LESS is not installed.
* FIXED: Video overlay z-index issue
* FIXED: WooCommerce Add to Cart issues -- add to cart templates removed from theme
* FIXED: Button hover text colour issue in WooCommerce
* ADDED: Parallax BG option now available on Cover Gradient blocks (Variant)
* ADDED: Menu item font size can now be changed via theme options
* ADDED: CSS tweak to remedy column padding when using a child theme
* FIXED: Radial animation issue on mobile
* FIXED: WooCommerce shop page display settings now functions correctly
* FIXED: WooCommerce category display settings now functions correctly
* FIXED: WooCommerce disabled button CSS
* FIXED: Accordion overflow issue and arrow positioning
* UPDATED: WooCommerce now uses the native Stack pagination element rather than the default WooCommerce element
* UPDATED: Cover video 7 Variant block now autoplays on mobile - remove and re-add the block to your page
* UPDATED: Hero Header Video block in Visual Composer now autoplays on mobile - requires Ebor Framework update
* IMPROVED: Stack now functions better with Elementor
* ADDED: "One Open" accordions now scroll when activated

January 24th 2019 - v10.5.13

* ADDED: JS to apply input styles to Formidable Forms Select Boxes
* ADDED: New Demo Data/Setup Process via MerlinWP
* FIXED: Envato Theme Check Tweaks
* FIXED: Youtube Video z-index issue & related videos appearing
* FIXED: Inline Embed Play Button z-index issue
* FIXED: Double logo's no longer showing on mobile within fullscreen nav
* FIXED: Small z-index issue affecting overlays on video backgrounds
* FIXED: Blog offset no longer causes paging to break
* FIXED: XML Validation in wpml-config file
* ADDED: New Option to Add Description to Portfolio Archive
* ADDED: Missing add to cart hook from WC Varatiable products
* ADDED: Slide in menu now supports a single level sub-menus
* ADDED: Option to remove the image/text area from Mega Menus
* ADDED: New Centered Inline Logo Navigation Style
* ADDED: Tabs and Accordions can be opened via URL (WPBakery Page Builder ONLY)
* ADDED: Enable/Disable back to top button theme option
* ADDED: Pagination to Portfolio style blog loop
* ADDED: New hero slider style - Slider with Fixed Content (WPBakery Page Builder ONLY)

November 7th 2018 - v10.5.12

* FIXED: Variant Radials now use Primary Colour
* FIXED: In Page Navigator now takes offset into account
* FIXED: WPBakery Responsive Settings Being overridden
* FIXED: Local Video poster image not showing whilst video is loading
* FIXED: Category filters not applying properly in lightbox gallery (Variant)
* FIXED: Span removal in Variant Text Editor
* ADDED: Mobile logo option
* ADDED: Support For "link open in new window" for Mega Menu Items
* FIXED: Having no featured image set for a mega menu no longer produces a JS error
* FIXED: HR's with data-title attribute now work in Chrome
* FIXED: Tribe Events buttons being affected by theme JS
* ADDED: Notifications now support cookies
* FIXED: Blog category dropdown now keeps selected category and links back to main blog page
* FIXED: Blog pagination issue
* ADDED: Colour picker for primary coloured buttons (ideal if you choose a light primary colour and need dark button text to suit)
* ADDED: 3 column carousel for testimonials
* FIXED: Left margin on sliders and carousels

July 27th 2018 - v10.5.11

* FIXED: Loop issue created by gallery filter names
* FIXED: WooCommerce Deprecated function in product tabs
* FIXED: Small fix for TI Wishlist Plugin
* FIXED: Small issue with skip responsive option
* VARIANT: Fixed issue with gallery filter title not updating

June 20th 2018 - v10.5.10

* FIXED: WPML can now properly translate career items
* FIXED: WPML can now properly translate career categories
* FIXED: Main nav z-index issue
* FIXED: Automatic gallery filter alphabetical sorting
* FIXED: Blog navigation items correctly sanitized
* FIXED: Issue with WordPress categories widget if set to function as dropdown
* FIXED: Emoji filters re-added
* FIXED: YouTube video backgrounds not defaulting to static image on iPad landscape
* FIXED: Issue with modal image top not closing if clicked outside of content
* ADDED: Offset option to Blog feeds in Visual Composer & Variant
* ADDED: Offset option to Team feeds in Visual Composer & Variant
* ADDED: Offset option to Career feeds in Visual Composer & Variant
* ADDED: Offset option to Portfolio feeds in Visual Composer & Variant
* ADDED: Mega menu item top level links can now use the open in new window functionality in appearance => menus
* VARIANT: Fixed edge case issue that was causing spaces to be removed from text

April 20th 2018 - v10.5.9

* FIXED: Missing translation string in search results file
* UPDATED: .POT translation file
* ADDED: New theme option - turn on hamburger menu at 992px instead of 767px
* ADDED: Ability to hide the tablet (stacked) menu and skip straight to hamburger menu
* FIXED: Contact form 7 forms in tabs now work as expected
* UPDATED: Variant required version
* UPDATED: Ebor Framework required version
* ADDED: Stack blog block in Visual Composer now has filter by tag option
* ADDED: Stack blog block in Variant now has a filter by tag option

April 6th 2018 - v10.5.8

* FIXED: Issue with accordion hash ID
* VARIANT: Fixed edge case issue with video URLs on a subdirectory
* FIXED: Broken Instagram feeds due to unannounced API change

April 2nd 2018 - v10.5.7

* FIXED: Video block play button click on iPad
* FIXED: Small CSS fix for star ratings in Gravity Forms
* FIXED: Missing background image on mobile in default hero header
* FIXED: Small footer alignment issue on mobile
* FIXED: Small issue with Cover Image 4 element
* FIXED: Breaking change from Twitter on Twitter feeds
* FIXED: Bulleted lists within tabs sections (edge case)

March 16th 2018 - v10.5.6

* FIXED: CSS blunder regarding lists in posts
* FIXED: Small CSS issue regarding prices in WooCommerce Cart
* FIXED: Edge case issue with lightbox javascript
* FIXED: WooCommerce deprecated functions
* FIXED: Snazzymaps shortlink in Variant
* FIXED: Bold text on dark background colour issue
* FIXED: bg--primary issue in blog posts
* FIXED: Bold text on image background colour issue
* UPDATED: VC Demo Data
* VARIANT: Fixed mixed language links via WPML
* VARIANT: Debug mode improvements
* VARIANT: Updated required version to 1.5.6

January 25th 2018 - v10.5.5

* FIXED: Team nav archive link (was pointing to portfolio)
* FIXED: WPML language switcher flags margin
* FIXED: In page navigation scoller IDs with whitespace fix
* FIXED: Accordions with long content
* VARIANT: Fixed issue regarding the removal [-] of items in the lightbox gallery block
* VARIANT: Added shortcode section 1 with image background
* VARIANT: Added shortcode section 2 with image background
* ADDED: New "features small", Large Padding, Images & Button
* ADDED: Search blog layout to available blog layouts
* ADDED: Search results layout option, appearance => customise => site settings => search settings

January 12th 2018 - v10.5.4

* FIXED: WooCommerce product image transition speed
* FIXED: Issue with IE compatibility mode
* FIXED: Instagram feeds loading issue
* FIXED: Cache busting now uses theme version number automatically

January 5th 2018 - v10.5.3

* FIXED: Breadcrumbs section with title and subtitle display
* FIXED: Single team social icons margin
* FIXED: Product feed category selection now working properly with WPML installed
* FIXED: If using scrolling navigation links, navigation on mobile will now auto close after a link is clicked
* FIXED: In page navigator filter breaking on search results
* FIXED: YouTube Video backgrounds - downgraded plugin script to last working version - will investigate upgrade for later theme update
* IMPROVED: Comment Styling
* IMPROVED: Mobile sticky header styling
* IMPROVED: Twitter feed styling so that words are not broken to a new line
* DEVELOPERS: Improved code readability where possible ( theme wide )
* ADDED: Single blog post navigation [previous, archive, next]
* ADDED: Theme option to turn single blog post navigation on/off
* ADDED: Single portfolio post navigation [previous, archive, next]
* ADDED: Theme option to turn single portfolio post navigation on/off
* ADDED: Single team post navigation [previous, archive, next]
* ADDED: Theme option to turn single team post navigation on/off
* ADDED: Link target option for Call To Action block ( Visual Composer )
* ADDED: New header search dropdown option, full height dropdown (covers entire page)
* ADDED: New Portfolio Layout! Creative Portfolio
* ADDED: New Variant Block: Portfolio Creative
* ADDED: New Testimonials Layout! Testimonials thumbnails, perfect for loads of quotes!
* ADDED: New Variant Block! Testmonials Thumbnails
* ADDED: New custom WPML switcher (in top bar) layout - Flag
* ADDED: New theme option: choose WPML custom switcher layout - Flag or Text
* UPDATED: Language translation file
* UPDATED: Revolution slider version
* VARIANT: Improved javascript removal from Variant data to avoid loading issues
* VARIANT: Updated minimum required version to 1.5.3

January 2nd 2018 - v10.5.2

* FIXED: Menu z-index issue
* FIXED: WooCommerce single product image zoom hover bug
* FIXED: Header social icons looking for footer icons
* FIXED: Header buttons text added to WPML
* FIXED: Shop item ratings being passed item ID instead of average rating
* FIXED: Slider with round edges not showing dot navigation below
* FIXED: Bulleted list styling in tabs
* FIXED: Numbered list styling in tabs
* UPDATED: jquery.mb.YTPlayer
* ADDED: Theme option to change title of custom map marker
* ADDED: Missing translation options for WPML
* IMPROVED: WooCommerce shipping form styling

November 9th 2017 - v10.5.1

* FIXED: Pagination for shop blocks in Variant & Visual Composer
* FIXED: Security Vulnerability in Ebor Framework
* FIXED: Security Vulnerability in Variant Page Builder
* FIXED: Awkward scrolling of carousel elements on mobile devices
* UPDATED: Required version for Ebor Framework
* UPDATED: Required version for Variant Page Builder
* UPDATED: Flickity slider plugin
* VARIANT: Added blog row detailed block
* VARIANT: Added blog portfolio style block
* VARIANT: Added portfolio studio layout block

November 1st 2017 - v10.5.0

* FIXED: All autoplay video arguments currently removed whilst we investigate an issue from recent Google Chrome updates
* FIXED: Cover slider 1 invert colours option in Variant removed (incorrectly available for this element)
* FIXED: Issue with masonry filters not updating correctly when changing categories in Variant
* FIXED: Autop issue in pricing tables (ebor framework)
* FIXED: Add to cart button shortcode will return nothing unless in a product post (broken page fix)(ebor framework)
* FIXED: Issue with section paddings when an ID is set on said sections
* FIXED: Deprecated get cart URL function used for WooCommerce
* FIXED: Deprecated get checkout URL function used for WooCommerce
* FIXED: Mega menu items not having classes applied by WordPress
* FIXED: Masonry links now clickable in Win7 IE11
* FIXED: Blog category selector now showing in category archives
* ADDED: Button to bottom of 'minimal list' pricing table type in Visual Composer if button URL parameter is filled
* ADDED: Breadcrumbs to single blog posts
* ADDED: Theme option to turn breadcrumbs on single blog posts on/off
* ADDED: New wp gallery shortcode option: stack carousel (slider with lightbox)
* ADDED: New demo page - home accomodation
* ADDED: New blog layout, portfolio style blog
* ADDED: New blog layout, row detailed blog
* ADDED: Centered bar header with top bar option
* ADDED: Centered bar (transparent) header with top bar option
* ADDED: Centered bar (transparent)(dark-text) header with top bar option
* ADDED: Header override option for shop archives
* ADDED: CSS class input theme options for header buttons 1 & 2
* ADDED: New element in Visual Composer: Progress Bars
* ADDED: Site Settings theme option to load small icons file, note: this will cause most icons not to show on your site
* ADDED: Lightbox Gallery "Image x of y" text theme option
* ADDED: Show/hide arrows option for Content Carousel (Visual Composer)
* ADDED: New portfolio layout, Studio portfolio
* ADDED: New content block for Visual Composer: Wizard
* UPDATED: Visual Composer required version bump
* UPDATED: Ebor Framework required version bump
* UPDATED: input-icon--right class for placing icons in inputs to the right
* UPDATED: JS, LESS & CSS synced with HTML version of Stack
* UPDATED: Video Inline block now caches results for faster page loading, huge thanks to @khromov on GitHub
* UPDATED: Video Modal block now caches results for faster page loading, huge thanks to @khromov on GitHub
* UPDATED: Video Gallery block now caches results for faster page loading, huge thanks to @khromov on GitHub
* UPDATED: Text & Video block now caches results for faster page loading, huge thanks to @khromov on GitHub
* UPDATED: Studio 1 demo page with new Studio portfolio type

October 5th 2017 - v10.2.4
* FIXED: Parallax update now restored and working correctly as 1.2.2 (with fix from 1.2.3)
* FIXED: Instagram images always pull square crops
* FIXED: Missing translations from search layout
* FIXED: YouTube video autoplay issue in Chrome
* FIXED: Header social icons were using settings from footer social icons
* FIXED: Issue with modals blocking navigation on mobile
* ADDED: Careers post type template override option in theme visual composer settings
* ADDED: Careers category chooser to careers visual composer block
* ADDED: Version numbers to theme scripts & styles for proper cache busting
* UPDATED: stack.pot language file
* UPDATED: Lightbox script to latest version
* NEW: Stack modals plugin included in /plugins/ folder of main download. Details here:

September 20th 2017 - v10.2.3 - HOTFIX

* FIXED: Card detailed blog layouts hide the comments number if comments are closed
* FIXED: Parallax script issue causing some elements in Variant to be hidden, browser cache clear required
* FIXED: Sidebar in blog cards detailed with sidebar layout

September 6th 2017 - v10.2.2

* ADDED: Shop archives breadcrumb section background image option
* ADDED: Logo alt text theme option
* ADDED: Top level link option for mega menu items (hover menu option only)
* ADDED: Video post now supports Vimeo
* ADDED: WooCommerce Shop display options support - show categories on your shop home
* ADDED: WooCommerce category page display options support
* ADDED: Title attribute to social icons in header
* ADDED: New theme option in "site settings" - Global pagination layout
* ADDED: New theme option in "site settings" - Disable/enable parallax on mobile
* ADDED: New pagination layout, numbered pagination
* ADDED: Footer short 3 layouts now include the menu set in the footer menu location in "appearance => menus" 
* FIXED: Slider padding issue in edge case page setup
* FIXED: Inner border removed from Features Large 14 slider
* FIXED: Title display issue in accordions if title goes onto 2 lines
* FIXED: Issue with content flowing below footer
* FIXED: Careers CTA theme option missing from wpml-config
* FIXED: Classic blog feed not rendering lists correctly
* FIXED: Menu dropdown border radius in Square Edges version of theme
* FIXED: Double logo showing on transparent menu options on smaller menu widths
* FIXED: Margin bottom size of twitter embeds
* FIXED: Search header loads closed on mobile now
* FIXED: Pagination "older posts" link text now properly left aligned
* FIXED: IE11 Select elements now showing correct icon
* IMPROVED: Search results page if nothing found
* IMPROVED: Style map marker image now uses the address it points to as alt text
* IMPROVED: Social icons generated title attribute
* IMPROVED: Product feeds no longer use masonry filters, switched to hard category links, better for UX & SEO
* VARIANT: Added ken burns background effect option for all image background sections

August 8th 2017 - v10.2.1

* ADDED: Item counter to cart icon in header
* FIXED: Product category widget hierarchy now shown
* FIXED: Footer Widgets now have margin bottom for mobile widths
* FIXED: Language selector on mobile
* FIXED: Issue with list styling when used inside tabs
* UPDATED: Blog archive page titles now use h1 instead of h2
* VISUAL COMPOSER: Updated to v5.2.1
* VARIANT: Link editor now compatible with "Title and Nofollow For Links" plugins
* VARIANT: Fixed issue with shortcode brackets adding exponentially
* VARIANT: Fixed Tabs title editing in Safari
* VARIANT: Fixed Accordions title editing in Safari
* VARIANT: WPML compatibility improved for sites using /lang/ for translation
* VARIANT: WPML compatibility improved for sites using for translation

August 1st 2017 - v10.2.0 - The Variant Update

* FIXED: WooCommerce page template filter now happens before Visual Composer template filter
* FIXED: Double "your cart is empty" message from WooCommerce
* FIXED: Magazine blog layout issue on mobile
* FIXED: Accordion "one open" issue on firefox
* EBOR FRAMEWORK: Added option to change careers post type slug
* VARIANT: Fixed preview images for text 5, 5 BG, 6 & 6 BG blocks
* VARIANT: Fixed issue with gallery blocks not loading
* VARIANT: WPML compatibility improved for sites using ?lang= for translation
* VARIANT: Improved working speed
* VARIANT: PHP optimisation
* VARIANT: HTML, CSS & JS optimisation

July 27th 2017 - v10.1.9.1 - VERSION BUMP

* MAIN: Version bump for hotfix, rightly pointed out by - /user/psychoguy911
* FIXED: .parallax class being stripped from sections on mobile
* IMPROVED: Theme Customizer speed

July 26th 2017 - v10.1.9 - HOTFIX

* VARIANT: Fixed issue when trying to edit features small 10 items
* FIXED: Issue with typed text speed

July 26th 2017 - v10.1.9

* NEW: Parallax now working on mobile devices!
* VARIANT: Comments block added under "blog" rather than "text" category
* VARIANT: Fixed paragraph tag removal issue when a link is added inside a paragraph
* VARIANT: Added slider images fullwidth block
* VARIANT: Added slider images kenburns fullwidth block
* VARIANT: Added carousel blog fullwidth block
* FIXED: Blog category dropdown on mobile
* FIXED: Features Large 14 (Variant) margin issue when block is flipped
* FIXED: Blog categories dropdown now reacts to chosen shown category
* FIXED: Missing blog cateogry selector if Contact Form 7 plugin is not installed
* FIXED: Typed text speed theme option
* UPDATED: Stack wpml-config.xml file
* UPDATED: Footer and header social icons URL handling (increased PHP speed)
* UPDATED: .pot translation file
* UPDATED: parallax.js moved to its own file
* UPDATED: Youtube background player script
* ADDED: Accessibility titles to header start link and back to top link, footer & header social icons

July 19th 2017 - v10.1.8

* FIXED: In page navigator scroll highlighting with Variant built pages
* FIXED: Button submit text wrong in WPForms
* FIXED: Added missing centered footer with primary background
* FIXED: Missing top padding on blog archive pages if breadcrumb area has a backgorund image
* FIXED: Team feed not showing categorised feeds with WPML active
* FIXED: Wizards init will only fire if wizard is uninitialised
* FIXED: Iframes in modals now autoplay correctly
* FIXED: Accordions one-open issue resolved
* FIXED: Youtube Backgrounds now play correctly on Safari
* FIXED: Date archives title for blog posts
* FIXED: WooCommerce products now have proper classes applied
* VARIANT: Variant elements text colour not affected by theme options changes anymore
* UPDATED: .pot translation file
* UPDATED: ebor sidebar action hooks
* ADDED: Added ability to trigger a modal from a link
* ADDED: Single portfolio layout theme option
* ADDED: 2 new single portfolio layouts, feed and blank (if not using Variant or VC)
* VISUAL COMPOSER: Added alternate hero slider block, differing content with each slide

July 10th 2017 - v10.1.7

* FIXED: Sticky nav position on mobile when logged in and scrolled
* FIXED: BG Dark nav colour sticky mobile nav when scrolled
* FIXED: BG Secondary nav colour sticky mobile nav when scrolled
* FIXED: Stacked header logo position with large logos
* FIXED: Comment form mobile padding
* FIXED: Mobile padding in comments area
* FIXED: Widgets now 1 column on mobile
* FIXED: Pricing tables 2 not centered properly on mobile
* FIXED: RTL icon issues
* FIXED: Fancy checkbox and radio buttons are now less jQuery dependent - more semantic markup
* FIXED: Footer 2 with bg--primary class now displays correctly
* FIXED: Tablet width sidebar & transparent header now stays transparent over content
* ADDED: New page template, page with left sidebar
* ADDED: Primary background colour versions of all footers
* ADDED: Amount of images option for instagram widget
* ADDED: Columns amount option for instagram widget
* ADDED: Portfolio carousels columns theme options, choose from 2, 3 or 4
* VARIANT: Added cover video 7 - Local video background, accepts .mp4 & .webm
* VARIANT: Fixed paragraph last child margin on mobile
* VARIANT: Pricing Tables 4 featured head option (right click)
* UPDATED: Stack child theme version no.
* DEVELOPERS: Action hooks added: ebor_before_header, ebor_after_header, ebor_before_content, ebor_after_content, ebor_before_footer, ebor_after_footer, ebor_before_sidebar, ebor_after_sidebar
* UPDATED: CSS & JS synced with HTML version

July 1st 2017 - v10.1.6

* FIXED: Comments padding
* FIXED: Breadcurmbs title now using wp kses post instead of esc html
* FIXED: Header buttons now using wp kses post instead of esc html -> allows icons etc. to be added
* FIXED: Images wider than their containers when editing in Visual Composer backend
* FIXED: Conflict with Gravity Forms date picker
* FIXED: Edge case issue of dropdown menus sticking after clicking hash link & hover dropdowns option active
* FIXED: Theme options with px ended now work with or without px specified
* FIXED: Menu position on scrolled header
* FIXED: Category text colour on primary background sections
* VARIANT: Added Video start time option to Cover Video 4
* UPDATED: YouTube video background plugin
* ADDED: Custom max width option for site in advanced theme options
* ADDED: New add to cart "traditional" option, with "add to cart" text
* ADDED: New theme option in shop settings, choose between modern or traditional add to cart button

June 27th 2017 - v10.1.5

* FIXED: Broken instagram widget on first install
* FIXED: Small logos in logo carousel
* FIXED: Small black bar on bottom of videos in the media blocks
* FIXED: A few rounded elements remaining when square edges option is chosen
* ADDED: Header social icons areas now can use up to 10 icons
* ADDED: Footer social icons areas now can use up to 10 icons
* ADDED: Stack Masonry & Lightbox gallery option to standard WordPress [
* ADDED: In page scrolling offset functionality
* ADDED: New theme option to allow direct user control of in page scrolling offset (if required)
* ADDED: Portfolio archives & single posts title & breadcrumbs background image option
* ADDDED: Theme options for background images behind breadcrumb areas for team, career, blog, portfolio
* UPDATED: archive.php now uses the proper ebor breadcrumbs function rather than a hardcoded version
* UPDATED: index.php now uses the proper ebor breadcrumbs function rather than a hardcoded version
* UPDATED: Custom post type archives now uses the proper ebor breadcrumbs function rather than a hardcoded version
* UPDATED: Required plugins version numbers
* VARIANT: Fixed typed text headline block
* VARIANT: Added comments block
* VISUAL COMPOSER: Added comments block

June 19th 2017 - v10.1.4

* FIXED: Issue with YouTube videos autplaying
* FIXED: Padding issue on mobile regarding author box on posts
* FIXED: Padding issue on mobile regarding comment author profile image
* FIXED: Testimonials carousel font size when in a widget
* VARIANT: Added Blog Magazine Simple block (no CTA)
* VARIANT: Added Carousel->Blog block
* VARIANT: Added carousel controls to blog carousel block
* VARIANT: Added carousel controls to team carousel block
* VARIANT: Added carousel controls to product carousel block

June 16th 2017 - v10.1.3

* FIXED: Short description bottom padding on WooCommerce products
* FIXED: Custom style option on Visual Composer text & map block
* FIXED: Dropdown menus close on body click, easier closing of menus
* FIXED: Testimonials slider 1 is center aligned on mobile
* FIXED: Image size of testimonials slider 1 is restricted on mobile
* FIXED: Styled number input now emits change event when clicked
* FIXED: .dropdowns—hover now works reliably via touch on mobile
* FIXED: Imageblock content on short windows no longer overlows
* FIXED: Features Large 5 display on portrait tablet
* FIXED: data-delay-src will switch to src on window load event
* FIXED: Twitter icon in footer lists now shows correctly
* FIXED: Removed unnecessary console log from smooth scroll
* FIXED: Issue with in-page navigator not highlighting correctly
* ADDED: New product layout, product & sidebar
* ADDED: New theme option, choose products layout between bottom sidebar, or sidebar on right
* ADDED: New theme option, show star rating in product feeds
* ADDED: Featured image to search results
* ADDED: New blog layout - Magazine without the CTA section
* VISUAL COMPOSER: Added map zoom option to styled map block
* VISUAL COMPOSER: Added map zoom option to map & text block
* VISUAL COMPOSER: Fixed page scrolling issue when using VC Tabs
* VISUAL COMPOSER: Fixed page scrolling issue when using VC Accordion
* VISUAL COMPOSER: Fixed page scrolling issue when using VC Tour
* VISUAL COMPOSER: Added timing option to client carousel block
* VISUAL COMPOSER: Added item width control to content carousel block
* VARIANT: Fixed Instagram block 3, settings now accessible even when an instagram feed is not found
* VARIANT: Added new background colour option to ALL SECTIONS - Primary Colour
* VARIANT: Added new text alignment option to ALL SECTIONS - Justify text
* VARIANT: Added features large 14 block
* VARIANT: Added features small 14 block
* VARIANT: Added features small 14 with background block
* UPDATED: CSS & LESS to match Stack HTML
* UPDATED: Javascript to match Stack HTML

June 11th 2017 - v10.1.2

* ADDED: New header layout - super minimal, logo only
* ADDED: New header layout - super minimal, logo only, overlaid onto content
* VARIANT: Features Large 5 now uses WYSIWYG editor
* VARIANT: Editor buttons no longer show up on page set as blog posts page
* VARIANT: Page builder will not activate without page being published
* VARIANT: Cover slider 1 image controls fixed
* VARIANT: Fixed recursive issue related to showing a feed in a feed fixed
* VARIANT: Added missing team carousel image
* VARIANT: Script tags added in text areas are now properly removed. Use a plugin to add JS to a page instead!
* VARIANT: Style tags now allowed in WYSIWYG areas
* VISUAL COMPOSER: Fixed class input for inner rows
* IMPROVED: wpml-config.xml
* FIXED: Blog title options in breadcrumbs
* FIXED: Custom post type archive URLs & titles in breadcrumbs
* FIXED: WooCommerce pagination in non-woocommerce pages

May 25th 2017 - v10.1.1

* FIXED: HTML in archive descriptions
* FIXED: Breadcrumbs shop link in product category views
* FIXED: Link spacing in copyright area in vertical navigation
* FIXED: WooCommerce 3.0 Categories in Cart
* FIXED: WooCommerce notices in detailed (visual composer based) products
* FIXED: Missing pagination from woocommerce loops
* FIXED: Cart icon position on mobile navigation
* ADDED: Maps theme option section
* ADDED: Custom marker theme option for maps
* ADDED: New shop layout! Standard shop & sidebar
* ADDED: New shop layout! Tiles shop & sidebar
* ADDED: If your header dropdowns are set to work on hover in site settings, the top level item is now clickable
* ADDED: New team layout > Team Carousel
* VARIANT: Fixed links in fine print
* VARIANT: Added new block > Team Carousel
* VARIANT: Setting 0 for posts per page on a BLOG feed will hide the feed
* VARIANT: Setting 0 for posts per page on a PORTFOLIO feed will hide the feed
* VARIANT: Setting 0 for posts per page on a TEAM feed will hide the feed
* VARIANT: Setting 0 for posts per page on a TESTIMONIAL feed will hide the feed
* VARIANT: Setting 0 for posts per page on a PRODUCT feed will hide the feed
* VARIANT: Setting 0 for posts per page on a CAREER feed will hide the feed
* VISUAL COMPOSER: Added add to cart block for use in product posts ONLY
* VISUAL COMPOSER: Added arrow & timing options to hero slider block
* DEVELOPERS: Added filter to extend the option list of blog, team, portfolio, shop, header and footer layouts
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