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Ronneby – High-Performance WordPress Theme


Ronneby - High-Performance WordPress Theme - 1 Ronneby - High-Performance WordPress Theme - 2 Ronneby - High-Performance WordPress Theme - 3 Ronneby - High-Performance WordPress Theme - 4 Ronneby - High-Performance WordPress Theme - 5 Ronneby - High-Performance WordPress Theme - 6 Ronneby - High-Performance WordPress Theme - 7 Ronneby - High-Performance WordPress Theme - 8

Ronneby — Multipurpose Creative Corporate WordPress Theme is your number 1 choice if you need to build a unique stylish website. 50+ creative, corporate, blog, portfolio, gallery, shop, onepage pre-built demos with one-click demo installation feature and bundled WPBakery Page Builder, Slider Revolution and other premium plugins will allow you to get your project done easy and fast. Drug-n-drop visual page builder with frontend editor and 40+ DFD custom shortcodes allow to build any page you want. Advanced responsive options will make your page mobile friendly. Powerful theme options panel provides control of every page type, taxonomy, header and many more. Choose one of Restaurant, Lawyer, Agency, Health Care, Shop, Fitness, App, Blog, News, Portfolio, Onepage demo or build your own one. Our extended theme documentation will help you to find the answers for all of your questions and even if you need something that is not described there or you simply need assistance our friendly customers’ support confirmed by lots of customers’ reviews will do their best to provide you with the solution you need as fast as possible.


----------17-08-2022 V 3.4.4-------------------
1. DFD Carousel WPBackery shortcode bug fixed
2. Slider Revolution plugin updated v.6.5.31
3. Ronneby Core plugin updated v.1.4.4
----------27-07-2022 V 3.4.3-------------------
1. Progress bar shortcode bug fixed
2. Progress bar carousel widget added for Elementor
3. Animated text elementor widget bug fixed
4. Testimonial widget bux fixed
5. Social account widget added for Elementor
6. Animated text widget bug fixed
7. Rotate box widget added for Elementor
8. Portfolio widget bug fixed
9. Button widget bug fixed
10. New "Law Attorney Elementor" layout added.
11. New "Church Elementor" layout added.
12. New "Building Company Elementor" layout added.
13. Ronneby Core plugin updated v.1.4.3
----------11-07-2022 V 3.4.2-------------------
1. Parallax effect & canvas effect in section elementor added
2. New "Ronneby Gentleman's Barber Elementor" layout added.
3. Slider Revolution plugin updated v.6.5.25
4. Ronneby Core plugin updated v.1.4.2
----------10-06-2022 V 3.4.1-------------------
1. Slider Revolution plugin updated v.6.5.24
2. New "Travel Elementor" layout added.
3. Button widget added for Elementor
4. Testimonials slider widget added for Elementor
5. Services widget added for Elementor
6. Info banner widget added for Elementor
7. Animated text widget added for Elementor
8. Product grid widget added for Elementor
9. Image layers widget added for Elementor
10. Progress bar widget added for Elementor
11. Ronneby Core plugin updated v.1.4.1
----------12-05-2022 V 3.4.0-------------------
1. Fix backend style for WPBakery
2. Single product shortcode bug fixed
3. Elementor plugin compatibility added
4. Team member widget added for Elementor
5. Info box widget added for Elementor
6. Portfolio widget added for Elementor
7. Blog post widget added for Elementor
8. Carousel images widget added for Elementor
9. Carousel testimonials widget added for Elementor
10. Facts widget added for Elementor
11. Share widget added for Elementor
12. Testimonial widget added for Elementor
13. DFD Video player widget added for Elementor
14. WPBakery Page Builder plugin updated v.6.9.0
15. Slider Revolution plugin updated v.6.5.21
16. New "First layout elementor" layout added.
17. Ronneby Core plugin updated v.1.4.0
----------15-03-2022 V 3.3.9-------------------
1. Slider Revolution plugin updated v.6.5.18
2. Ronneby Core plugin updated v.1.3.9
----------04-01-2022 V 3.3.8-------------------
1. WPBakery Page Builder metabox fixed
2. Ronneby Core plugin updated v.1.3.8
----------22-12-2021 V 3.3.7-------------------
1. Wishlist page bug fixed
2. Vendor support bug fixed
3. WPBakery Page Builder plugin updated v.6.8.0
4. Slider Revolution plugin updated v.6.5.12
5. Ronneby Core plugin updated v.1.3.7
----------10-12-2021 V 3.3.6-------------------
1. Modal box shortcode bug fixed
2. Blog post shortcode bug fixed
3. Slider Revolution updated v.6.5.8
4. WPBackery page builder updated v.6.7.0
5. New "Building Company" layout added.
6. New "Classic Agency" layout added.
7. New "Luxurious Hotel" layout added.
8. New "Kindergarten" layout added.
9. Testimonials shortcode bug fixed
10. Redux Framework updated
11. Ronneby Core plugin updated v.1.3.6
----------03-08-2021 V 3.3.5-------------------
1. Single portfolio item's default values fix
2. Removed deprecated library "TweenMax" 
3. Slider Revolution updated v.6.5.5
4. WPBakery Page Builder updated v.6.7.0
5. New "Italian Restaurant" layout added.
6. New "Law Attorney" layout added.
7. New "Travel" layout added.
8. New "Church" layout added.
9. Ronneby Core plugin updated v.1.3.5
----------23-06-2021 V 3.3.4-------------------
1. WooCommerce templates updated v.5.3.0
2. Backend notice fixed
3. Slider Revolution updated v.6.4.11
4. New "Interior Design" layout added.
5. New "Fit Gym" layout added.
5. New "Web Agency" layout added.
6. Ronneby Core plugin updated v.1.3.4
----------06-03-2021 V 3.3.3-------------------
1. Hotspot shortcode bug fixes
2. Firefox JS compatibility bugs fixed
3. PHP v.8.0 compatibility
4. WPML compatibility
5. One page scroll without header bug fixed
6. New "Headphones" layout added.
7. New "North Night Camping" layout added.
8. New "Fresh Bakery" layout added.
9. WPBakery Page Builder updated v.6.6.0
10. Slider Revolution updated v.6.4.2
11. Ronneby Core plugin updated v.1.3.3
----------27-01-2021 V 3.3.2-------------------
1. Fix Product short description on backend WOO product
2. Header placement on Firefox browzer fix
3. New "Abadon business tool" layout added.
4. Slider Revolution updated v.6.3.6
5. Ronneby Core plugin updated v.1.3.2
----------29-12-2020 V 3.3.1-------------------
1. Slider Revolution updated v.6.3.4
2. WPBakery Page Builder updated v.6.5.0
3. WooCommerce templates updated v.4.7
4. Testimonials slider shortcode bug fixes
5. Contact form shortcode bug fixes
6. Ronneby Core plugin updated v.1.3.1
7. WP 5.6 compatibility
----------28-10-2020 V 3.3.0-------------------
1. WooCommerce templates updated v.4.6.1
2. WPBakery Page Builder updated v.6.4.1
3. Ronneby Core plugin updated v.1.3.0
4. New "Cortesia fashion" layout added.
5. Contact form bug fixes
----------21-09-2020 V 3.2.9-------------------
1. WPBakery Page Builder updated v.6.4.0
2. Slider Revolution updated v.6.2.23
3. Ronneby Core plugin updated v.1.2.9
----------04-09-2020 V 3.2.8-------------------
1. One page scroll template and Accordion shortcode conflict solved
2. Product list shortcode bug fixes
3. Product grid shortcode bug fixes
4. WP 5.5 compatibility
5. WPBakery Page Builder updated v.6.3.0
6. Ronneby Core plugin updated v.1.2.8
----------20-08-2020 V 3.2.7-------------------
1. WP 5.5 compatibility
2. Header 14 smart colors bug fixed
3. Advanced Custom Field bug fixed on single portfolio
4. WooCommerce templates updated v.4.4.0
5. Slider Revolution updated v.6.2.22
6. Ronneby Core plugin updated v.1.2.7
----------04-08-2020 V 3.2.6-------------------
1. Filter Products by Attribute widget dropdown bug fixed
2. Lazy image load bug fixed
3. New "Health life" layout added.
4. Slider Revolution updated v.6.2.17
5. Ronneby Core plugin updated v.1.2.6
----------01-07-2020 V 3.2.5-------------------
1. Slider Revolution updated v.6.2.15
2. WPBakery Page Builder updated v.6.2.0
3. Ronneby Core plugin updated v.1.2.4
----------04-05-2020 V 3.2.4-------------------
1. Pricing block bug fixed on PHP v.7.4
2. Empty string in translatable fields bug fixed
3. New "Digital Agency Demo" layout added.
4. Ronneby Core plugin updated v.1.2.4
5. WPBakery Page Builder updated v.6.2.0
6. Slider Revolution updated v.6.2.2
----------13-04-2020 V 3.2.3-------------------
1. WP 5.4 compatibility
2. New "Car service" layout added.
3. Ronneby Core plugin updated v.1.2.3
----------30-03-2020 V 3.2.2-------------------
1. Single product carousel without thumbnail lightbox bug fixed
2. Target attribute bug fixet in privacy policy field of DFD Contact form shortcode
3. New "Photographer" layout added.
4. Ronneby Core plugin updated v.1.2.2
----------25-12-2019 V 3.2.0-------------------
1. WooCommerce grid shortcode bug fixed
2. Image carousel shortcode bug fixed
3. WPBakery Page Builder updated v.6.1
4. Ronneby Core plugin updated v.1.2.0
5. WooCommerce templates updated v.3.8.0
----------30-09-2019 V 3.1.9-------------------
1. Service shortcode "Non numeric" notice removed
2. Contact block horizontal with image bug fixed
3. New "Swimwear shop" layout added.
4. WooCommerce Single product with sidebar bug fixed
5. Slider Revolution updated v.6.1.2
----------02-09-2019 V 3.1.8-------------------
1. "A non-numeric value" in blog post shortcode warnign fixed
2. Video post error fixed
3. Logo caousel shortcode notice fixed
4. New "Furnitage" layout added.
----------19-08-2019 V 3.1.7-------------------
1. WooCommerce templates updated v.3.7.0
2. Ronneby Core plugin updated v.1.1.7
3. New "Virtual reality" layout added.
----------12-08-2019 V 3.1.6-------------------
1. New "Woodex" layout added.
2. Fix styles in Woocommerce
3. Ronneby Core plugin updated v.1.1.6
----------05-08-2019 V 3.1.5-------------------
1. IE11 compatibility issue solved
2. Slider Revolution updated v.6.0.9
3. Price typopraphy option added in product grid shortcode
4. New "Elisse cosmetics" layout added.
----------22-07-2019 V 3.1.4-------------------
1. Slider Revolution updated v.6.0.6
2. WPBakery Page Builder updated v.6.0.4
3. Yoast SEO and Client logos shortcode issue solved
4. Client logos bug fixed
5. Yoast SEO and Image Carousel shortcode issue solved
6. Yoast SEO and Product grid shortcode issue solved
7. New "Mobile App" layout added.
8. Theme options translation fixed
----------16-07-2019 V 3.1.3-------------------
1. Ronneby Core plugin updated v.1.1.3
2. Metaboxes translation fixed
3. Theme options translation fixed
4. Slider Revolution updated v.6.0.4
5. Social links mail address bug fixed
6. New "Deliverun" layout added.
----------05-07-2019 V 3.1.2-------------------
1. New "Travel agency" layout added.
2. Subscribe shortcode bug fixed
3. Transition duration option added for image layer shortcode
4. Fix alt attribute on zoomed product image
----------26-06-2019 V 2.6.0-------------------
Updates in 3.x version
1. New "Chocolate workshop" layout added.
----------21-06-2019 V 2.5.9-------------------
Updates in 3.x version
1. Masonry/grid container shortcode bug fixed
2. Background image lazy load One page scroll fixes
3. New "Floristic studio" layout added.
----------19-06-2019 V 2.5.8-------------------
Updates in 3.x version
1. New shortcode "Timeline" added
2. Masonry/grid container shortcode options added
3. Custom font option added for Pie charts shortcode
4. Header  3, 4 one page menu bug fix
5. New "Cryptocurrency" layout added.
----------11-06-2019 V 2.5.7-------------------
Updates in 3.x version
1. Gradient button shortcode style added
2. Header styles 3 & 4 menu alignment bug fixed
3. Accordion shortcode style added
4. WPBakery Page Builder updated v.6.0.3
5. Contact form shortcode decoration option added
6. Background image options added for inner row
7. New "Secret models agency" layout added.
----------27-05-2019 V 2.5.6-------------------
Updates in 3.x version
1. Decoration option added in button shortcode
2. Icon picker option added in subscribe shortcode
3. Height option added in subscribe shortcode
4. New style added in blog post shortcode (Beta)
5. New "Dentalica" layout added.
----------20-05-2019 V 2.5.5-------------------
1. WPBakery Page Builder updated v.6.0.2
    Updates in 3.x version
2. WPBakery Page Builder updated v.6.0.2
3. New "Crypto trade" layout added.
4. Image upload option added in gradient button shortcode
5. Countdown shortcode typography option added
6. Infobox shortcode bug fixed
7. Image icon option  bug fixed
8. Button height option added in contact form shortcode
9. Content background option added in milestone shortcode
----------08-05-2019 V 2.5.4-------------------
Updates in 3.x version
1. Blog archive Grid style bug fixed
2. Blog archive header background image bug fixed
3. Button shortcode hover effect bug fixed
4. New style added for Subscribe shortcode
5. New "Barbershop layout" layout added.
----------06-05-2019 V 2.5.3-------------------
Beta 3.0 version updated. Changes are listed below:
1. New "Building and architecture" layout added.
2. Gallery page template bug fixed
3. Hotspot shortcode bug fixed
2. Ronneby core updated v.1.0.4
----------23-04-2019 V 2.5.2-------------------
Beta 3.0 version updated. Changes are listed below:
1. New "Architeco - architectural studio" layout added.
2. Ronneby core updated v.1.0.3
----------18-04-2019 V 2.5.1-------------------
Beta 3.0 version updated. Changes are listed below:
1. Delimiter shortcode bug fixed
2. Enable/disable page preloader option for post type single item/page
3. New "Lions Lawyers" layout added.
4. WooCommerce templates updated v.3.6.1
5. Ronneby core updated v.1.0.2
----------11-04-2019 V 2.5.0-------------------
Beta 3.0 version updated. Changes are listed below:
1. Restaurant layout added.
2. Star layout added.
3. Single image shortcode retina bug fixed
4. Column shadow option
5. Spacer shortcode Safari bug fixed
----------09-04-2019 V 2.4.9-------------------
1. Vimeo video background autoplay option bug fixed
2. Milestone shortcode image ALT attribute bug fixed
3. Google+ removed from share list
4. Modal box and Side by side page template conflict solved
5. Archive/Categories widget bug fixed
6. Ronneby 3.0 beta version added to
7. Slider Revolution updated v.
----------04-03-2019 V 2.4.8-------------------
1. Slider Revolution updated v.
2. VC Content Position option in blog page metabox bug fixed
3. Lazy load feature added for Single image shortcode
4. WooCommerce sale percentage calculation fixed
5. WPBakery Page Builder updated v.5.7
6. Animated text shortcode mobile version bug fixed
7. WooCommerce v.3.5.5 compatibility
8. Advanced Custom Fields updated v. 5.7.12
----------29-01-2019 V 2.4.7-------------------
1. One page scroll page template appear effects bug fixed
2. Language switcher bug fixed
----------11-12-2018 V 2.4.6-------------------
1. WordPress 5.0 compatibility
2. Advanced Custom Fields plugin updated v.5.7.8
3. Slider Revolution plugin updated v.
----------04-12-2018 V 2.4.5-------------------
1. Disable footer option on One page scroll page template bug fixed
2. Lightbox bug on FireFox fixed
3. WooCommerce templates updated v.3.5.2
4. WPBakery Page Builder updated v.5.6
----------06-11-2018 V 2.4.4-------------------
1. WPBakery Page Builder updated v.5.5.5
2. WooCommerce templates updated v.3.5.1
----------12-10-2018 V 2.4.3-------------------
1. Minify scripts updated
----------11-10-2018 V 2.4.2-------------------
1. PHP v.7.2 (WC product grid shortcode)
2. Google map shortcode icon picker bug fixed
3. Contact form shortcode custom class field bug fixed
4. Gallery shortcode (empty thumb) bug fixed
5. "Post item" element disabled as a child of carousel shortcode
6. WPBakery Page Builder updated v.5.5.4
7. Vimeo video background in custom header bug fixed
8. Advanced Custom Fields plugin updated v.5.7.6
9. Advanced Custom Fields update issues solved
10. Row background self-hosted video background autoplay bug fixed
----------20-08-2018 V 2.4.1-------------------
1. Facebook widget bug fixed
2. Tabs widget bug fixed
3. Row video bg size bug fixed on window resize
4. Portfolio page template image lazy load bug fixed
5. WC archive description bug fixed
6. Button shortcode dynamic style bug fixed
7. WPML config updated: blog, folio, gallery top link source
8. Portfolio shortcode PHP v.7.2 compatibility issue solved
----------04-07-2018 V 2.4.0-------------------
1. Slider Revolution updated v 5.4.8
2. Visual Composer updated v.5.5.2
3. YouTube video background autoplay bug fixed
----------18-06-2018 V 2.3.9-------------------
1. WooCommerce description bug fixed
2. WooCommerce v.3.4.1 update compatibility issues solved
3. Share shortcode responsive bug fixed
4. Ajax pagination button translation issue solved
5. Button and carousel shortcodes conflict solved
6. Slider Revolution updated v
----------22-05-2018 V 2.3.8-------------------
1. Service shortcode image size bug fixed
2. Facts shortcode animation bug fixed
----------07-05-2018 V 2.3.7-------------------
1. WooCommerce single product price section bug fixed
2. WooCommerce single product shortcode rating section bug fixed
3. WooCommerce single product review meta section bug fixed
4. WooCommerce single product rating section bug fixed
5. WooCommerce single product attributes section bug fixed
6. WooCommerce single product meta section bug fixed
7. WooCommerce product carousel bug fixed
8. Widgets notices issue solved
9. Hotpot shortcode image lazy load bug fixed
10. Slider Revolution updated v
11. Admin notice dismiss option added
----------24-04-2018 V 2.3.6-------------------
1. New "Creative Recipes" layout added.
2. Products grid shortcode bug fixed
3. WC cart page cart totals bug fixed
----------12-04-2018 V 2.3.5-------------------
1. Headers options color picker bug fixed
2. WC cart page shipping calculator bug fixed
3. Search widget bug fixed
4. Heading shortcode with icon delimiter bug fixed
----------04-04-2018 V 2.3.4-------------------
1. New "Sea Food Restaurant" demo added.
----------28-03-2018 V 2.3.3-------------------
1. Contact block horizontal shortcode bug fixed
2. Button shortcode HTML validation issues solved
3. Delimeter shortcode HTML validation issues solved
4. Slider Revolution updated v
5. Slide parallax shortcode empty divider image bug fixed
6. Single post tag section responsive bug fixed
7. WP GDPR Compliance compatibility issues solved
8. 404 page bug fixed
9. Single product review section bug fixed
10. Blog shortcode simple style border bug fixed
11. Product list shortcode rating section bug fixed
----------13-03-2018 V 2.3.2-------------------
1. WooCommerce archive and checkout page mobile view bug fixed
2. WooCommerce single product thumbnails carousel bug fixed
3. wooCommerce checkout page bug fixed
4. Single product WooCommerce message bug fixed
5. Info banner shortcode link target option bug fixed
6. Single product review section bug fixed
7. Contact block shortcode delimiter color option added
8. Product list shortcode enable rating option bug fixed
9. Social icon shortcode 3d hover style bug fixed
10. Contact form shortcode messages translation updated
11. .PO / .MO files updated
12. Visual Composer updated v.5.4.7
----------26-02-2018 V 2.3.1-------------------
1. Slider Revolution updated (v
2. PHP 7.2 compatibility issues solved
3. WooCommerce v.3.3.3 compatibility
----------15-02-2018 V 2.3.0-------------------
1. DFD contact form bug fixed
2. WooCommerce archive page product buttons bug fixed
----------13-02-2018 V 2.2.9-------------------
1. One page scroll 3d style and Slider Revolution conflict solved (empty space below the slider issue)
2. WooCommerce checkout page bug fixed
3. Mobile header breakpoint option bug fixed
4. WooCommerce v.3.3.1 compatibility
----------06-02-2018 V 2.2.8-------------------
1. Slider Revolution updated to v.5.4.7
2. WooCommerce v.3.3.0 support
3. New "Restaurant" layout added.
----------29-01-2018 V 2.2.7-------------------
1. One page scroll touch/click on IOS bug fixed
2. Contact form shortcode, style - "simple" input decoration option added
3. Tab shortcode style variation added
4. Fact shortcode style variation added
5. Client logo shortcode added
6. Logo carousel shortcode added
7. Anchor menu scroll bug fixed
8. Product page carousel hover bug fixed
9. Pricing list shortcode bug fixed
10. New delimeter shortcode added
11. Slider Revolution updated to v.
12. New layout added.
----------21-12-2017 V 2.2.6-------------------
1. Visual Composer updated v.5.4.5
2. Slider Revolution updated v.
3. Sticky header mobile version bug fixed
4. WooCommerce product page & WooCommerce category page backend bug fixed
5. Variable product image zoom bug fixed
----------21-11-2017 V 2.2.5-------------------
1. WordPress v.4.9 compatibility issues solved
2. Visual Composer updated
3. Slider Revolution updated
----------30-10-2017 V 2.2.4-------------------
1. Smart header (header style 2, 4, 7) retina logo bug fixed.
2. New "Coffee House" layout added.
3. Contact form shortcode validation bug fixed
----------20-10-2017 V 2.2.3-------------------
1. Visual Composer updated
2. Single product shortcode button hover bug fixed
3. Taxonomy icons bug fixed
4. Icon shortcode bug fixed
----------13-10-2017 V 2.2.2-------------------
1. Visual Composer updated
2. Slider Revolution updated
----------12-10-2017 V 2.2.1-------------------
1. WooCommerce v.3.2.0 update compatibility added
----------12-10-2017 V 2.2.0-------------------
1. New "Furniture shop" layout added.
2. "Hotspot" shortcode added
3. WooCommerce inner product first style stars displaying bug fixed
----------04-10-2017 V 2.1.9-------------------
1. New "Fitness App" layout added.
----------03-10-2017 V 2.1.8-------------------
1. Advanced Custom Fields plugin updated.
2. Video player shortcode overlay bug fixed.
3. Countdown shortcode colorpicker alpha channel bug fixed
4. Side by side page template and carousel shortcode conflict solved.
5. Testimonials shortcode style 2 background option bug fixed.
----------20-09-2017 V 2.1.7-------------------
1. Slider Revolution plugin updated.
2. Visual Composer plugin updated.
----------11-09-2017 V 2.1.6-------------------
1. WooCommerce single product old style share bug fixed
2. WooCommerce old style bug fixed
3. Lightbox share bug fixed
----------06-09-2017 V 2.1.5-------------------
1. Smart header on one page scroll bug fixed.
2. New blog module style "Hovered" added.
3. The "Chuffle" read more style in info box shortcode added.
4. Header style 9 mobile logo bug fixed.
5. Admin notes in the dashboard dismissable option added. 
----------28-08-2017 V 2.1.4-------------------
1. Visual Composer updated to 5.2.1 version.
2. WooCommerce single product image hover effect bug fixed.
3. Single image as nav button for one page scroll functionality fixed.
4. Sticky header background option bug fixed.
5. Slider Revolution updated to version.
6. New "Restaurant" layout added.
7. Button shortcode shadow option bug fixed.
----------03-08-2017 V 2.1.3-------------------
1. Author dropdown list for blog, portfolio, gallery fixed.
2. Pricing list shortcode bug fixed.
----------01-08-2017 V 2.1.2-------------------
1. Styled button bug fixed.
2. Envato toolkit switcher bug fixed.
3. PHP 7 compatibility issue solved. 
4. Ultimate Addons module background bug fixed.
5. RTL bug fixed.
6. Mobile logo link bug fixed. 
7. One page scroll functionality improved. 
8. New "Lawyer" layout added.
----------18-07-2017 V 2.1.1-------------------
1. Variable product image change bug fixed. 
2. Info box module appear animation effect bug fixed. 
----------10-07-2017 V 2.1.0-------------------
1. Disable parallax responsive option for the particular width added.
2. Disable equal height responsive option for the particular width added.
3. Background chec bugs fixed. 
4. Generate dynamic styles file for multisite bug fixed. 
5. Category widget added. 
6. Service shortcode new styles added.
7. Full screen animated style on a page with Top inner page fixed. 
8. Text-transform option for Title in Testimonial module added. 
9. WPBakery Visual Composer 5.2 compatibility added.
10. Service shortcode height in Safari browser fixed.
11. New hover style "Colored with grow" for the Portfolio module added.
12. Destroy parallax option width selection feature added. 
13. Disable equal height in a Row for mobile devices option added.  
14. Social Counter Facebook share & Google+ fixed.
----------30-06-2017 V 2.0.9-------------------
1. Slider Revolution plugin update included.
2. WooCommerce 3.1.0 compatibility added.
3. "Gradient button" shortcode added. 
4. Facebook share button bug fixed. 
----------28-06-2017 V 2.0.8-------------------
1. Scroll for dropdown list on a single product page bug fixed.
2. Gallery module bug fixed. 
3. Select2 error on a single product fixed. 
4. String background option in Animated text shortcode added.
5. Contact form bug fixed.
6. Responsiveness on one page scroll improved. 
7. WooCommerce 3.0.9 compatibility added.
8. New "Restaurant" layout added.
----------23-06-2017 V 2.0.7-------------------
1. Single product ratings bug fixed.
2. Carousel shortcode bug fixed on One Page Scroll. 
3. Added style for One Page scroll page template. 
4. Anchors functionality with One Page scroll added. 
5. "Enable Default Modules for Visual Composer" option bug fixed.
6. Testimonial module style added. 
7. Single products responsive bug fixed.
8. Mobile Header color change option bug fixed. 
9. Areal font typography option bug fixed. 
10. Pie chart shortcode circle animation issue solved.
11. Icon list shortcode added option link & color link. 
12. Added feature for typography on Label & Placeholder - Contact form shortcode.
13. Rotate Box module added. 
14. Price List module added.
----------15-06-17 V 2.0.6-------------------
1. WooCommerce 3.0.x compatibility added
2. Styles compilation on theme options save disabled
3. Backend speed optimization fixes
4. White space responsive bug fixed
5. Archive pages Stunning header & header options bugs fixed
6. Tags for Portfolio inside variant 1 bug fixed
7. Input style on login page bug fixed
8. Disable row option bug fixed
9. Lazy load feature for images added
10. Sidebar configuration bug fixed
11. Pie chart responsive bug fixed
12. WooShotcodes bugs fixed
13. Translation strings added
14. Countdown responsive bug fixed
15. Fact responsive bug fixed
16. Google API key field introduced
17. Share shortcode bug fixed
18. Colorpicker bug fixed
19. Gallery carousel bug fixed
20. ACF fields order bug fixed
21. DFD contact form checkbox and datepicker bugs fixed
22. Info circle shortcode bug fixed
23. RTL compatibility bugs fixed
24. Google fonts list updated in Theme options
25. Carousel shortcode bug fixed
26. Custom fonts compatibility with PHP7 issue solved
27. Countdown shortcode date/time picker bug fixed
28. Anchor menu link bug fixed
29. wp_filesystem error check bug fixed
30. Contact form compatibility with php7 fixed
31. Animate text shortcode bug fixed
----------07-09-16 V 2.0.5-------------------
1. Woocommerce single product shortcode add to cart button for variable product bug fixed.
2. Woocommerce products list shortcode bug fixed
3. Typography bug fixed
4. Appear effects bug fixed
----------29-08-16 V 2.0.4-------------------
1. Theme options bug fixed.
2. Images lazy load feature added for posts, portfolio and gallery items.
3. Plugins updated.
4. Tabs, tours and accordion module combatibility issues with latest Visual Composer version solved.
5. WooCommerce 2.6.* compatibility issues solved.
----------04-05-16 V 2.0.3-------------------
1. Corporate Agency full page layout added.
2. Announcement and fancy text module appear effect option added.
----------03-05-16 V 2.0.2-------------------
1. Theme options max_input_vars limit issue solved.
2. Style compilation algorithm changed.
----------20-04-16 V
1. Style compilation error fixed
----------19-04-16 V 2.0.1---------------------
1. New demo added
2. Three New Header variants added
3. Plugin Updates included
4. 404 page category dropdown bug fixed
5. Search result: nothing found bug fixed
----------14-04-16 V 2.0-----------------------
1. WordPress 4.5. Version Compatibility issues solved
2. Two New Header variants added
3. Plugin Updates included
4. Theme memory usage optimized
5. DFD Contact Form Module imporoved
6. Translation added (German and Russian)
7. Plugins updated
8. Search results page styles updated
9. New header styles option added
10. Single image module bug fixed
11. Header login form option added
12. WP admin login area customization options added
----------18-03-16 V 1.1.1-extend--------------
1. Variable product dropdown on mobile devices bug fixed.
2. Variable product Add to cart disabled button styles added.
3. PHP under 5.3 compatibility issue solved.
4. Single post/portfolio/gallery/product pagination title fixed.
5. Portfolio page link bug fixed.
6. Portfolio options dependency bug fixed.
--------------15-03-16 V 1.1.1---------------------
1.     New modules added. The list is below:
        Blog Posts
        Button Module
        Contact Block
        Contact Block Horizontal
        DFD Accordion
        DFD Contact Form 
        DFD Single Image Shortcode      
        DFD Tabs
        DFD Tour
        Gallery Module
        Google Map
        Info Banner 2
        Info Box
        List Icon
        New Facts
        New Share Module
        New Social Accounts
        New Subscribe Module
        News Scroller (Beta)
        Pie Charts
        Portfolio Module
        Pricing Block
        Pricing Labels
        Progress Bar
        Services 2
        Slide Parallax
        Team Member
        Testimonials slider
        Twitter Module
        Video Player

2.     Blog
    New single post style added
    New customizable blog posts page template added
        - available styles: standard, masonry fit rows, left image, right image
    Single options sections for blog added in theme options

3.    Porfolio
    New single portfolio style added
    New customizable portfolio works page template added
        - available styles: standard, masonry fit rows
    Single options sections for portfolio added in theme options
    Portfolio tags support added

4.    Gallery
    New single gallery style added
    New customizable gallery works page template added
        - available styles: standard, masonry fit rows
    Single options sections for gallery added in theme options

5.     Woocommerce
    New single product style added
    Customizaton options for products category page added
    Single options sections for woocommerce added in theme options
    Orders Refund bug fixed
    Woocommerce 2.5.x compatibility issues solved

6.     Header 5 & 8 Dropdown Scroll bug fixed

7.     Custom fonts (typekit) upload option added

8.     Server Check option added 

9.    WordPress 4.4.2 compatibility issues solved

P.S.  Please check theme documentation for new features here: Our support team is available via [email protected] email if you need any assistance. Please also get          in touch with support if you need the full list of files changed this update.
--------------29-09-15 V 1.1.0---------------------
1. 2 new full page demos added 
2. RTL support added 
3. Lightboxes styling options added
4. Stunning header title typography & vertical alignment options added
5. Contact form 7 two styles added
6. Social accounts added: Periscope, Meerkat, Snapchat 
7. Advanced carousel hover optimized
8. Menu current element bug fixed
9. Menu custom class bug fixed
10. Theme options color picker bug fixed
11. Ultimate Addons fixes
12. Responsive settings fixed
13. Portfolio hover subtitle added 
14. Inside pagination for Visual Composer posts inner pages
15. Widget typography added 
16. WooCommerce category preview thumbs optimized
17. Info banner bug fixed
18. Side area Firefox and IE scroll bug fixed
--------------10-09-15 V 1.0.9---------------------
1. 4 new layouts added
2. 3D animation effects for One Page Scroll template
3. Preloader options added
4. Portfolio hover style 24 added
5. Default Ultimate Addons elements option added 
6. WooCommerce thumbnail hover slideshow speed option
7. Google Map module style added 
8. Info box hover hotfix
9. Firefox placeholder hotfix
10. Social icons added 500px, Xing, Spotify, Houzz, Skype, Slideshare 
11. Visual Composer 4.7
12. Revolution Slider 5.0.7 included
--------------29-08-15 V 1.0.8---------------------
1. Apps and Porfolio slider layout changed.
2. New layout added.
3. Disable mobile typography settings option added.
4. Progress bar module custom background option added.
5. List icon module bug fixed.
6. Testimonial module extended typography options added
7. Facts module extended typography options added
8. List icon module appear effect option added.
9. Testimonial module bug fixed.
10. Team member module custom link option added.
11. Blog posts module /wide style/ bug fixed.
--------------24-08-15 V 1.0.7---------------------
1. WordPress 4.3 compatibility issues solved
2. WooCommerce 2.4.6 compatibility
3. Revolution Slider added
4. Checkout payment methods description added
5. Side Area with widgets option added
6. Horizontal scroll option modules bug fixed
7. Easy parallax portfolio hover effect added
8. Xing and Spotify social icons
9. Customizable 'To Top' button option added
10. Header animation effect changed
11. Facts element styles added
12. Header 7 bug fixed
13. Fancy text bug fixed
14. Progress bar bug fixed
15. List Icon module bug fixed
16. Blog posts wide bug fixed
17. Portfolio grid 2 columns mini page template added
--------------12-08-15 V 1.0.6---------------------
1. 3 new layouts added
2. Visual Composer 4.6 compatibility
3. WooCommerce 2.4.0 compatibility
4. Revolution Slider 5.0 included
5. Easy parallax effect on portfolio hover
6. WooCommerce Catalogue mode option added
7. Page template Page with right sidebar not stunning header
--------------30-07-15 V 1.0.5---------------------
1. Three new layouts added
2. Horizontal scroll gallery module
3. Social Accounts fixes
4. Smooth scroll fixes
5. Contact Form 7 styles fix
6. Read more fixes
7. Read more Shuffle style fixes
8. Brotherhood Script font added
9. Portfolio Description background color picker option added 
10. Testimonials Title divider added
11. Revolution Slider button styles modified
12. Menu hidden in browser fixed
13. Video Module fixes
14. Plugins newest versions added
--------------20-07-15 V 1.0.4---------------------
1. New layouts added.
--------------11-06-15 V 1.0.3---------------------
1. 4 animated row background styles added
2. Vertical Scroll and 2 Coming Soon layouts added
3. Responsive navigation enhancements
4. Side by Side slider fixes 
5. Smart header added
6. Posts 1 column with sort panel page template added
7. Styled Modal Box module
8. Countdown Module fixes
9. Fancy text module font-weight added 
10. Social Accounts module added
11. More menu options added
12. 'Read more' slide up button style added
13. Mail, 500px and ViweBug icons added
14. Advanced Carousel module fixed
15. 10 Grid posts templates added
--------------04-06-15 V 1.0.2---------------------
1. Retina logo fixed
2. Mobile menu adjustments
3. Menu delimiters enable/disable option
4. Advanced carousel fixes
5. Logo middle position 
6. Background check option fixed
7. Block under single portfolio element added
8. Blog posts grid templates added 
9. Modal box styled
10. Multiscroll option fixed
11. Getimagesize logo warning check
12. Self hosted video post fixed
13. Sticky header enable/disable option
--------------01-06-15 V 1.0.1---------------------
1. New layouts added: Promo, Vertical Scroll, One page navigation and Scrolling effect
2. Side by side element added
3. Scroll effect module added
4. Bug fixes and enhancements
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