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Personalized Video Welcome Message Creator for New Users

  • Job typeJob type: Remote
  • Job Duration01 to 03 months
  • United States

Project detail

We are seeking a native English speaker to welcome new users to our website. Your task involves creating personalized 30-60 second videos, greeting users by name, and providing a brief introduction to our platform and its features, including our live-chat support widget. These videos are meant to make users feel welcomed and informed.

Your responsibilities will include:

-Mentioning the user’s name, their website, or a competitor’s website.
-Highlighting key aspects of our website (briefly).

We will collaboratively develop a script to ensure the recordings feel comfortable and natural.

! Please apply by submitting a video recorded on your mobile phone or webcam as a sample.

Workload estimate:

Approximately 7 users (so videos) per day, totaling around 200 users per month.
This equates to roughly 200 short videos per month, using a consistent script with customized details for each user.

Note: We use an app like Bonjoro to streamline the recording process. This app allows you to easily select a user, view their website name, record the video, and automatically save and send it upon completion, enabling you to efficiently record successive videos.

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