10 Best Mission Statements With Examples for 2022

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Mission statement ? 

A good mission statement is the most fundamental element of your ecommerce business. 

It forms the basis of your existence and directs your decisions. The benefits extend beyond marketing; it’s the perfect tool for engaging your audience and reaching your full potential. By establishing a shared objective, the team’s mission and vision statements act as internal motivators.

The majority of small businesses understand the importance of vision and mission statements, yet many find it challenging to develop one. That is not unusual! It can be challenging to compile a clear summary of your company’s goals and beliefs.

You’ll discover the fundamentals of mission and vision statements in this tutorial, along with examples from leading companies in the real world and advice for creating your own right now.

Discover your mission

  • What is a mission statement?
  • Mission statement versus vision statement: what’s the difference?
  • 17 best mission statement examples
  • How to write a mission statement
  • Write your company’s mission statement today
  • Mission statement FAQ

What is a mission statement? 

When you first start out, your business strategy typically includes a mission statement. It serves as a way for the public to learn about your company and provides an explanation of why it exists. Having a mission statement helps your company stay cohesive and avoids potential business errors by keeping you on track.

Your mission statement should:

  • State what your company does. You don’t need to be fancy, simply state whatever it is your retail business produces or provides.
  • State how your company does what it does. This doesn’t have to go into great depth on how you run your company. You can use one or more of your core principles to more broadly define how your company operates.
  • State why your company does what it does. Consider your initial motivation for beginning your business and express your enthusiasm for doing so.

Your clients, both current and potential, will know what to expect from you if you have a clear mission statement. It can also provide your staff members focus, inspiration, and direction.

Mission statement versus vision statement: what’s the difference?

A vision statement outlines the direction you want to take after achieving your mission. It often describes the condition you want the world or a certain group of people to be in as a result of your aim. Vision statements convey a long-term goal, typically one that lasts for at least five to ten years.

Your mission statement effectively becomes an action-focused vision statement after you include the who, what, and why of your retail company. Your mission statement might provide the roadmap for your vision statement.

It’s vital for both your mission and vision statements to be concise so you communicate the reasons your business exists. 

17 best mission statement examples

Now that you have an idea of what makes well-crafted mission statements, let’s look at examples of retailers with high-quality mission statements.

1. Yeti

Mission statement: Build the cooler we’d use every day if it existed.

The benefits that Premier coolers offer to customers are underlined in Yeti’s mission statement along with this classic product. Because the inventors convey their unhappiness with poorly manufactured coolers and outdoor equipment, customers can infer from this claim that the product would solve their problems.

2. Passion fruit

Mission statement: To create inclusive clothing and accessories that enable you to show your pride all year round while giving back to our community.

Passion fruit’s objective is to recognize reality for the LGBTQ+ community and its allies. This assertion is valuable because it bolsters the notion that pride is a constant expression of one’s identity rather than a one-time event.

3. Old Guys Rule

Accept a new generation of boys that are bursting with great vitality, love for life, wisdom gained from experience, and free time to partake in the activities they find enjoyable. Old Guy’s Rule should be worn as a badge of honor for a life well lived but not yet complete.

Old Guys Rule’s mission statement stands out since it focuses on its target audience. The company values the expertise and experience of its consumers in its quest to become the most beloved apparel brand. It makes you proud of your age and accomplishments, rather than making you feel bad about “becoming old.”.

Additionally, this goal statement has a lot of ideas that are empowering. Customers concur when Old Guys Rule argues that the attire should be worn as “a badge of honor” since they enjoy wearing it and feel proud of who they are.

4. Ride Rich

Mission statement: To breathe new life into the motorcycle streetwear scene. We are a brand that acknowledges those individual riders who ride for freedom, not for ego.

In its mission statement, the company Ride Rich challenges the status quo for motorcycle riders. This group of motorcyclists is best described as “individuals that ride for freedom.” Since it describes how it does business, its mission statement is good. If you want artistic streetwear that is influenced by works of art, music, and interactions that normal riders experience, Ride Rich is your go-to brand.

Another enticing aspect of this sentence is the exclusive language used. Ride Rich uses words like “keep it 100” and “two-wheel therapy” to appeal to its target population. It also describes different riding strategies to avoid offending specific populations. The epilogue to Ride Rich is positive, witty, and inspiring for future customers.

5. The Spoiled Mama

Mission statement:The Spoiled Mama is aware that having gorgeous skin never goes out of style. We have combined Mother Nature and science to offer new mothers (and their little children) the best skin care possible. Our selection meets the most common needs of expecting, postpartum, and breastfeeding women so that you may enjoy becoming a mother… without all the worry.

This mission statement from The Spoiled Mama makes it obvious that their goal is to provide expectant moms and their children with the best skin care available. The book’s message is in keeping with the company’s goal to help moms take care of themselves and their kids while also fostering a sense of motherhood.

The Spoiled Mama’s mission statement promotes community in different ways. You are aware that The Spoiled Mama is a source you can trust for skin care, peace of mind, and support regardless of whether you are breastfeeding a baby or not.

6. Tesla

Mission statement: To accelerate the world’s transition to renewable energy.

The significance of Tesla’s mission statement lies in how it expresses the company’s dedication to transforming the automotive industry and the environment. Additionally, it makes clients feel like partners in this effort.

The mission and vision statements of Tesla both include motivational language. Clients and employees that are really concerned about the environment are connected to the brand through its emphasis on sustainability. They can use it as a base to develop other solutions like solar and energy storage.

7. Nike

Mission statement: Bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete* in the world. (*If you have a body, you are an athlete.)

Nike’s mission statement never goes out of style. It functions well because it is transparent about the company’s priorities. The footnote following the asterisk next to the term “athlete” states that if you have a body, you are an athlete. This demonstrates to customers that anyone can use Nike products.

Anyone can participate in sports, which highlights the brand’s commitment to offering a variety of sporting goods. It stands out because Nike reaffirms its dedication to inspiring individuals to grow and since inspiration is necessary for people to achieve their goals.

8. Starbucks

Mission statement: To inspire and nurture the human spirit—one person, one cup, and one neighborhood at a time.

This mission statement is clear, concise, and uncomplicated. It can make its arguments without using big sentences or a sophisticated language. It perfectly captures who Starbucks wants to be and who they want to serve. The issue is more than just coffee, the statement claims; it’s about creating a warm, inclusive environment where everyone feels at home.

9. TED

Mission statement: Spread ideas.

A nonprofit organization by the name of TED is committed to spreading ideas through succinct, potent talks referred to as TED Talks. The company’s concise mission statement reflects the brand’s larger goal, which is to welcome “people from every field and culture who want a deeper understanding of the world.” to inspire dialogue and exchange amongst individuals ideas with one another, TED is creating a free library of knowledge that is available both online and in person and is composed of the greatest minds in history.

10. LinkedIn

Mission statement:to establish connections amongst professionals, so they can collaborate and become more successful.

LinkedIn is a social media site that focuses on connecting professionals. Its goal is to promote professional networking and recommendations so that everyone can succeed more.

This mission statement properly represents the brand. It is short and to the point with energizing language. It also communicates its ongoing commitment to the platform’s business users. The company intends to help people establish and keep relationships that will boost their careers.

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