Belimal Herbal Drinks | 100% Natural Ceylon Ayurvedic Tea

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Belimal Herbal Drinks | 100% Natural Ceylon

Our completely natural Belimal Herbal Tea is made from dried flowers of Aegle marmelos and it offers many medicinal benefits. Beli Mal Herbal Tea has a unique fragrance and a good and lasting taste and fresh breath. Belimal helps to relieve palpitations, heartburn Indigestion, bowel disorders and vomiting. The herb uses effectively in relieving catarrh and fever and treating asthma. Regular and habitual consumption of Beli Mal Herbal Tea ensures the benefits in the long term Slimming your way to a healthy lifestyle.
Name – Beli Mal Herbal Tea
Item Size – 500g/250g /100g
Expiration – 12 months after manufacturing date
Store in a cool & dry place, Once opened, store in an air tight container.

How To Make Belimal Tea
Boil 3 Cups 0f Water
Add 3 Tea Spoons of Dry Belimal Powder
Let It Boil 10-15 Mins
Ready To Drink


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