Apple Logo And the History

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In 1923, Ronald Wayne was born in San Francisco, California, but his parents had moved to Detroit, Michigan, from Chicago. He was a talented painter and illustrator who would have been well-known if he weren’t so successful at teaching children at school. But this is where his interest in art and science began to take hold. When he was three years old, his father bought a painting studio that he operated himself at until his death. Ron Wayne used to teach all kinds of things to his students, including drawing and calligraphy. That was then when the idea for a new brand began to come into his mind — one that would help kids learn a bit of arts and sciences along with learning how to read, write and draw.

Ron Wayne worked day and night to get what he thought would be the perfect concept ready. Unfortunately, all that hard work didn’t go to waste and many questions were left unanswered. His wife wanted them to put up a sign that said “I don’t know” in front of their shop instead of having it say “I do know” and made people cringe in their heads. As they approached several retailers with the new slogan, they were told that they’d need to find another artist to design it themselves. It seemed like such a silly thing to do, but they didn’t want their business to lose its purpose and that of being a family business and they thought the best way to do so was to give something back to education instead of just sitting there and collecting royalties. They decided to donate some money already to buy the right mix of paint, brushes and materials to make this project a reality. Once they had this all figured out, they had to start creating the initial designs themselves. The process took four years. During those four years, they were putting a lot of hours and effort into this endeavor and creating hundreds of pieces by hand. Finally, they reached an agreement with Steve Zavattian of Overest Studios to create the final design and hope that they could sell it in time for Christmas. After about 10 months of building their brand, they got a letter from the University of Southern California which congratulated them on all of their efforts. Then the rest was history! Since then, the company has continued to grow and expand through word-of-mouth from families and friends alike because they didn’t know anything else. Nowadays, they are an established name in the advertising industry and continue to expand and introduce new products. However, it still isn’t enough to run a large business so they started doing research and discovered a lot of interesting facts about life and the world around us. They looked at historical places and tried to figure out exactly why we behave how we do so well but the main reason that everyone behaves in the same way is because of evolution. This opened up a path for them to be able to use psychology to explain everything they knew, including how to better educate our minds. Everything they know now came from studying animals and studying a few other animals but now they are able to apply it to humans as well because they wanted to show exactly what evolution is. What makes the most fascinating discoveries was a book that they found titled Why We Are Always Wrong by Stephen Pinker, the author of the book called A Place to Land. By looking at the evolutionary theories, they understood that the brain has evolved over billions of years and that each and every person on Earth is unique in their own little ways and that everyone is capable of making mistakes. At that point, the only people that seem to agree on any topic or subject are those that have studied thousands of different species before settling on something that they thought was true. They began making sure that everything they put in place that would help them have their goals achieved would also show them how much work would be needed to accomplish their dreams. One of the most significant events in their career came in 1990 when they released their latest product line: The iPhone X with Max. Even though this was such an important milestone in the company’s history, it was too big of a leap to take by taking the risk to produce a phone that weighed more than a half pound. So they thought long and hard about coming up with a smaller design that would actually be usable for both sexes but once they had that idea. They also made sure that the size of a human body would be roughly 1 inch taller so it was going to fit in the palm of your hand as well as the standard size of your hand. Their newest iPhone came later that year and their sales figures are amazing!